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Every wedding we get involved in; is just going to find its way to breaking our heart.


Roaring Camp Railroads | Santa Cruz

Gallery 308 | SAN FRANCISCO

The Lord of The Rings Wedding

 San Jose Marriott | SAN JOSE

 Marin Country Club | Navota

 Eagle Vine | American Canyon


I loved working with FilmmanVideo so much that I hired them for my own wedding. Christina is so cheerful and friendly, and she's also a very hard worker. They go into each event prepared with a vision so they know exactly what shots to capture. Christina is always quick to respond and doesn't hesitate to ask questions to ensure we are on the same page. As a wedding planner, clear communication and working with professional vendors is a must because it makes things easier for me because I can trust them. And the wedding videos they make are amazing! There is a beautiful, storytelling flow about them and I was thrilled with how artistic they made our own wedding video. All of our guests commented on how amazing the video was and that it felt like they were watching a cinematic movie. Many of our friends and family even mentioned they teared up while watching. I recommend FilmmanVideo to all of my couples seeking a videographer because they are amazing people and create beautiful work! Thank you FilmmanVideo!

Banquets Fine Indian Cuisine |  MILPITAS

The General's Residence | SFO

The Club at Pasadera | Monterey


Nella Terra Cellars | Sunol

The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa | Sonoma

Redwood Cafe at Vintage Gardens | Modesto

Radonich Ranch | Los Gatos

Backyard Wedding | Livermore

Elliston Vineyards | Sunol

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Parish | Fremont

Mountain Terrace | Woodside 

Flying Cloud | Petaluma

My husband and I were going back and forth between hiring a videographer or not for our wedding. About two months before the big day we decided to go ahead and do it. We could not be HAPPIER we did this, and even more thrilled that we were able to work with Filmman Video.


Not only are we absolutely IN LOVE with our wedding video, we were beyond pleased with the entire process. Filmman easy to work with, they were beyond accommodating and even came early to make sure to get some of those fun getting ready shots.


Everyone who has seen our video loves it and we are so thrilled we chose Filmman. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any wedding in the future as you will not regret it!

Megan & Andrew


Filmman video with Christina and George were AMAZING!!!


Let's start with the beginning... They did the wedding video last year for one of my best friends and my friend not only raved about her wedding video, convincing me I must get one, but talked about how amazing Christina was with communication and how reasonably priced they were. So, of course I went with them for our wedding video and photography.


Christina and George would do our wedding video and they'd have Lotus Production Photography do our pictures. During the planning phase and days leading up to the wedding, Christina was the best with communication. She would reply to my emails filled with questions within an hour regardless if it was a weekend or at night. She was always so insightful and helpful.


Christina and George came to our rehearsal where they interviewed my now husband and I along with our best man and maid of honor. Oh and the wedding rehearsal itself as well. The wedding day, they were prompt, super nice (as they always), very creative with video shots and just pleasant to work with. Now, when we got out video... It made my heart melt.


They did such an amazing job at capturing our wedding rehearsal, us getting ready and the all of the wedding day celebrations. It was truly beautiful and everything we wanted and more in a wedding video. I've received so many compliments from our wedding coordinator to people who didn't even attend our wedding, raving about how it's the best wedding video they've seen. No need to look any further for a videographer, these are your go to people! 

Natsha & Steven

WD: 05.12.2018

Sandy said... 

The absolute BEST decision and investment we made for our wedding!


Filmman Video exceeded our expectations, and the finished product was above and beyond. To relive the day through their lens and creativity was magical. We felt like we were the stars in this fantastic love story. It's true everyone says going thru the day will be a blur, and we won't see a lot of the details, or know whats happening with the guests, are they having a good time, does the day look like everything u imagined.


We get shuffled from one spot to the next, taking lots of pics, get 1 bite of food, hopefully get to see and talk to your guests, especially since our wedding was 250 ppl. We just do as we're told, and the the party is over. LOL. So, having Christine and her team capture the day for us was priceless! We got her videography/photography package, thinking it'd be easier to work with the same team of people. And it was! Her photographers are equally talented, and has the same feels for the special cinematic style.


They aim to capture your story, and make it 100x better! If u don't think u have the budget for this, find it. It's worth it. We've watched our videos numerous times, and we get to see all the smiles, laughter, tears, awkward dancing, etc. Make less fancy invites, party favors, find a less expensive dress, whatever...the video will last forever. All guests care about are first impression, good food, dancing music and fun! And u will have something to cherish forever, and share with your loved ones.

Sandy & Sean

WD: 04.22.2018

Do you want an amateur Youtuber or a professional filmmaker? This right here couldn't be anything else except a professional.


FilmmanVideo Production (Christina and Brian) did an amazing job finding the right angles, lighting, and locations to capture our special day from stressed to ecstatic to "we are finally done". Even though we have been in several bridal parties, we had no clue what we would want to do, so we are extremely thankful and lucky we have found Christina and Brian. Plus we received our video edits in about 2 weeks (my sister received hers in about 9 months – different videographer)!


We hosted a watch party after receiving the video and other married couples told us “if we have known about Christina and Brian we would have hired them over the videographer we used”. They are definitely a TRUE PROFESSIONAL and you all would be fools to skip past these guys, hire them for your next event!

Nancy & Bruce



After looking through several videographer websites and wedding videos, my husband and I weren't really sure we needed a videographer for our wedding. Most of the videos we watched didn't catch our attention or really keep us engaged. Then my husband and I found Filmman Video, and we immediately fell in love with their work!! They really captured who we are as a couple, and beautifully mixed in some humor as well as some absolutely romantic parts throughout the day into the video.


Christina and George were both absolutely amazing to work with!! Christina was the main point of contact and she was such a dream to work with throughout the entire wedding process. She is super friendly, responsive, professional, and attentive!


We chose the same day edit package, and are so happy we did- it gave our family and friends a little snippet of our picture perfect day! And while on our honeymoon (less than a week later), Christina sent us our full video. It was absolutely perfect!


I would highly recommend Christina and George to anyone thinking about getting a videographer! It's a treasured memory we get to hang on to and watch all the time! It was worth every penny!

Richelle & Darryl


Rutherford, CA

Christina and George are amazing!!.. It was such a pleasant experience working with them! Christina is always so considerate and accommodating. OH yea they are professional and go above and beyond for your special day!!

I was so happy to find them on the internet! Not only they have the filming style we liked but they also understand Chinese! this is important to us because our wedding was bilingual for the most part. ( would be so much harder for someone who doesn't speak the language to do the film editing.. ) 

Last but not the least, they deliver the work fast........!! means a lot to the newly weds who just can't wait to refresh the precious memories :P 

Thank you guys so much! Would definitely recommend to my friends!

Xingxin & Henry

WD: 10.01.2017

For our wedding my husband and I went back and forth deciding whether we really needed a videographer or not. Finally we decided that it could be fun and we got in contact with Christina (a week before our wedding)! She was more than happy to work with us and her prices were totally fair and spelled out exactly what you were getting.


The day of the wedding when I met her she was so sweet and made herself very scarce. I was a little nervous because I barely noticed her the entire day. Then we got our highlight video. I can't express enough how amazing it is, she captured every moment down to the smallest detail. The way she organized the video, from the music, to the shots she chose and the candid moments, is nothing short of amazing.


I keep watching it because it perfectly captured our day and the feeling in the air. I would highly recommend Filmman video to anyone looking for a videographer for their wedding. You will not be disappointed.

Jenna & Richard



My review is for Videographer services for our wedding. After perusing several videographers videos on their websites, I came across Filmman Video. It didn't get the cheesy vibe from their creative standpoint.  It seemed more like art and I was captivated by their work.  I was contacted by Christina and my husband and I set up a FaceTime meeting with her. She was so sweet, we had kids around the same age and I was impressed by her work ethic while juggling twins! Christina was so sweet and kept in touch with us throughout the process. We did our engagement photos and Christina and her husband George (Video team) came along and created a video from that- that was fun and they really captured our spirit. 

Day of the wedding, it was like I didn't even see them most of the time, they fit right in and were so conspicuous. I felt so comfortable with them and they did a an absolutely wonderful job capturing what was important to us.  The day of the wedding, Christina surprised us with a drone to capture the overhead view. Wow!! Amazing. 

Not even a week after our wedding, they turned out a highlight video almost ten minutes in length. We both cried watching it.  It was so creative and perfect in every way! The unique angles they used and the editing was so impressive.  It truly is like a story. Our minds are blown away by how beautiful the video is.

Thank you, beyond words, Christina and George, for your talented work.  I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Everyone on my FB was also blown away by the video.   Beautiful work.




My wife and I were truly blessed when we found Christina and George. They were such nice people and so easy going that it made our wedding and engagement sessions such a breeze. Christina sent us a video tease of our ceremony while we were on our honeymoon. I started crying from the first scene and could barely watch it as I prob cried the entire time. I truly couldnt believe how beautiful it was and how much it captured the moment. From seeing my wife to my children I was absolutely taken back. It was elegant, classy and yet funny. 

This is how weddings should be remembered. It takes wedding videography to a new dimension. These are the absolute best in what they do and I hardly think you could find anyone better!!!

We are so lucky to have found them





We had a same-day edit video that we showed the guest during reception, before our first dance. Oh my goodness, they did such a fantastic job! The video captured all of the highlights from the morning all the way to our grand entrance at the reception.


I had no idea how they found time to edit the footage to make such a well planned, well flowed video on the same day! The music they paired with went really well with the scenes too! I am super impressed with the video and it showed many of our guests what happened earlier in the day (we started off really early in the morning because we did some Chinese rituals whereby the groom picked up the bride, played door game, and had tea ceremony, etc.).


The video also showed the getting ready scenes at the bridal room, our first look, our bridal party entrance and our grand entrance. It was such a great recap of the highlights of the day! The quality of the video only shows how experienced and talented they are. I am very happy that I have two videographers...quite frankly, I didn't think I needed two videographers when I was looking at the package, because I already had two photographers for the night, and I didn't think I would spend time watching those video playbacks. Now that I am looking back, I am REALLY glad that I kept two, because I could never go back to that day to capture those moments with such versatile angles!

Wendy & Jackson




I am tremendously grateful that a friend recommended Christina and George to me- this was a week before my Sanfran cityhall marriage ceremony. I was literally freaking out at that moment as my then fiancé and I literally got abandoned by the previous videographer last min despite over a month of communication simply because we made a more than reasonable request that he cannot post our videos/photos on public website without our prior consent (I wouldnt name whom here but I'd say yelp reviews really says a lot - the person has received two 1-star reviews before already). This unhappy incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise - we wouldn't have met Christina and George otherwise! 

Christina and George are professional and pleasant to work with. The price for video shooting was also reasonable - we were quoted a fair price (on par with the previous videographer) despite us making a last minute appointment.


With our package, we requested a 5 min highlight (to be played at our wedding banquet later this year in Asia) and a raw edit. In the end, we also received a 7 min highlight as Christina and George felt so obliged to preserve some moments in the highlights. I am also glad that Christina managed to help us take some (great) photos on phone as we did not hire a photographer that day. I would highly recommend Christina and George to anyone who are looking for a videographer to document their wedding/precious moments.

Judy & Bohan

Jun 21th, 2017

Oakley, CA  (Special Edition)


Garden Court Hotel, Palo Alto

Just stop now, stop looking anywhere else for your videographer. If you just started your search, consider yourself lucky because you will save hours of your life from having to do more research. Filmman is your one-stop shop! I spent months looking for the right videographer, looking at endless websites and sample videos to the point that it felt never ending and I was losing a lot of sleep over it! In the end, I feel so lucky that I made the right decision to work with Filmman- they are professional, dedicated, prompt, incredibly creative and an absolute joy to work with from beginning to end. I honestly don't have a negative thing to say. 

My wedding was on September 24th, 2016 in Palo Alto, Ca. Christina, who was my point of contact, is amazing! After speaking with her on the phone for the first time, she made me feel like my wedding videos will be in good hands, which took a lot of stress off of me because it was one less thing to worry about. What I believe set her apart from other videographers I spoke to was that she was truly passionate, not only about wedding videography, but truly passionate about being a part of each couples' wedding and delivering the absolute best product to her clients. She understands that this is the biggest day of our lives, so her care in understanding what we want, work ethic on the day of the wedding and followup communication post wedding, reflects how important and special the day is to us. 

On the day of my wedding, she arrived early and worked her magic from 2pm until just following the send off at 11pm. We did not even notice they were there, and they did a great job of capturing our wedding organically as it happened, which is exactly how we wanted it! While my husband and I were busy getting married, attending to our guests and partying our faces off, Filmman was there each step of the way capturing the moment. 

I had heard stories about couples receiving their videos up to half a year after their wedding, but Filmman's turnaround was incredibly fast! We received our highlight video and all our feature length videos in less than a month. We cannot tell you enough how much we love our videos- we laugh and smile each time we watch it with friends and family. As it turned out, our favorite parts were the ones we didn't even know were being captured! I believe one of the many reasons Fillmman's team is so brilliant at what they do is they have heart and love what they do. They took the time to consider what we wanted and went out of their way to capture wedding moments to surprise us. 


Tiffany & Dan

Wedding Date: 09.24.2016

Christina and George. Where do I begin? Sam and I both want to thank you for your amazing work! You surprised us with your talents again and again. We went with the Deluxe Package with the Same Day Edit. We have absolutely no regrets in hiring you guys.


Like everyone else, we were weary of them because they seemed like they were just coming into the industry and had very little reviews. Don’t let that make your judgment! Quality over quantity in this situation! After meeting with Christina at our first meeting, we were confident that they were going to delivery. She is so sweet and very honest with their work. We went with them without hesitation.


Our 2nd meet up was during our engagement shoot. Christina and George were behind the scenes of my photographer. They did such an amazing job on our engagement video and they were not once in the way. The video was delivered a few days later! They work so fast, I am beginning to wonder if they ever take a break from work! This video met above and beyond our expectations.


Finally, our wedding day! We were so excited to have Christina and George shoot our entire wedding day. Their day started at 8:00AM and lasted till 10:00PM! They worked non-stop for 14 hours straight! They were both so eager to shoot and were so eager to get every single possible footage. I honestly forgot that they were even there because they worked in silence.


They only had a short amount of time to work on our SDE. Lo and behold! SDE was absolutely amazing!! How can you do such great work with such a short period of time? The SDE covered my bridal pick up, wedding ceremony and even my bridal party’s grand entrance at our reception! Everyone at the reception was amazed by such talent! And people even asked, “Didn’t they just shoot the grand entrance?!” YES YES YES! Absolutely amazing!


Well, our wedding day was this past Saturday and Christina has already informed me that the documentary is done. How?! We are so excited to see it!!!

Mary & Sam

Wedding Date: 09.17.2016


Christina and George (a wife and husband team) were awesome! 

They are super friendly and we loved working with them and having them with us on our big day.  They were open to our suggestions and helped shaped our vision.  Throughout the entire process, Christina and George were very responsive whenever we contacted them and never made us worry.  

While we only hired them for coverage on our wedding day, they visited the vineyard a few days prior to our wedding to scope out the venue and make sure where to set up since they haven't shot there before.  The day before the wedding Christina and George spent time taping us for candid segments of the video.  During the day of, they showed up early to make sure they captured all the shots to make the video perfect.  Also, they surprised use with a drone team on our wedding day to capture some amazing shots of the vineyard and the wedding party.  

The highlight video was delivered within a week of the wedding. Other videos were delivered really soon after our event. All our families and family enjoyed the videos. 

Finally, I just want to mention that they are from Malaysia but also speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and of course, English.  This was a huge plus for us since they could communicate with our older relatives.

We would definitely recommend Filmman to our family and friends!

Shirley & Andrew

Wedding Date: 09.03.2016

LIVERMORE  (2nd Version)

LIVERMORE  (3rd Version)

Christina was so helpful throughout the whole process and guided us very well when shooting our wedding! She's friendly, professional, and easy to talk to. It felt seamless and natural when or her husband who works with her posed us for specific shots during on wedding day. The wedding day can get very busy but doing some activities for a great video actually added to the fun. We are extremely happy we hired her as we were hesitant to add a videographer in the beginning. The prices are very reasonable and upon watching our highlight video we are extremely happy we hired a videographer. We watch the highlight over and over and our friends do so too! To have our friends watch our wedding is definitely a treasure. They watch it more than they watch the videos of their own weddings from other videographers.

Hiring Filmman Video is something you will definitely not regret. Christina even stayed longer to enjoy the wedding! We are very selective with vendors and she was one of the best at our wedding. Everything went very well and we highly recommend them.

June and Michael



CITY HALL | BAKERS BEACH (Special Edition)









           My hubby and I were extremely impressed by Christina and her team at Filmman Video. She was such a delight to work with. She is super talented and creative. Not only is she easy to work with, she is also exceptionally attentive to details. She and her team made it so effortless for us.


           I wasn’t feeling too well the day of our wedding so I couldn’t really pay much attention to a video camera aimed at me. I was quite worried that our video would not have much to show since I wasn’t feeling well, and I figured Christina and her assistant would have a difficult time capturing the important moments. Lo and behold, the video turned out perfectly!


           My hubby and I loved every piece of our video! Thank you, Christina, for creating such a beautiful keepsake that we can treasure forever and allow us to relive that special day over and over again!

Nancy & Kevin

Weddign Date: 05.14.2016









Something to say!

I was skeptical about hiring a videographer for my wedding, knowing how expensive the rates are out there for a professional cinematic style video. I am so glad I found Filmman Video. Their price was fair and reasonable.


They were always responsive, courteous and professional in their communications. On the day of the wedding, they were there bright and early. They knew exactly what to do, what shots they need, and where to place themselves.


We received the end product timely, and the videos are of great quality, They were able to capture all the beautiful and fun moments throughout the day.


For those looking for a modern yet not over-the-top cinematic style video, I highly recommend Fillmman Video. Thank you so much for the terrific service, Christina and George! :)



It is a must to send our true gratefulness to Christina and George, they did a fabulous job on our wedding video photography.


Christina is so patient and considerate, it was a joyful experience to work with her and even make friends after the corporation.


They are adorable couple, who shoot with high enthusiasm and professional skills. They deserve the 5 star review and I will surely recommend them to other bride to be friends.

If you are looking for accountable video shooting team for your big event ... and better to master in fluent mandarin communication, just go for them.

Not only are Christina and George some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, they're exceptionally gifted at what they do.


From the first glimpse of our wedding highlights, my husband and I were blown away. The way Christina and George captured the special moments of our big day and wove them together in a beautiful story went above and beyond my expectations.


Leading up to the wedding day, my mother and I were in frequent communication with Christina, who was quick to accommodate our requests, always with a smile.


The day of the wedding, Christina and George were punctual, professional, and flexible with our timeline. To top it off, they didn't keep us waiting long for the footage!


I would highly recommend their services!





Christina and her team have gone above and beyond our expectations. Our engagement video captured us in our true element. We did an urban inner city themed shoot which came out amazing! We got so many compliments that our engagement video was like some hip music video. It was effortless shooting with them, they were so professional and captured everything perfectly without very much directing during the video shoot and that's how you know they are good! 

Our wedding video coverage was just as awesome. They captured all the important moments and were so very patient during the day's stress and unforeseen craziness. They stuck around for the WHOLE day and were probably our favorite vendor to work with through this whole wedding planning process. Christina in particular is so careful and thoughtful to our requests and is genuwinely a kindred spirit. She and her team are a wonder to work with. Do not hesitate to work with FilmmanVideo they will not disappoint and they come at a great price. Thank you for all the great work Christina and George! Look forward to working with you again in the future!

Hi Filmman,


We will like to say a big “THANK YOU” for making our big day memorable, enjoyable and full of laughter, especially to Christina.


Christina was very professional and capture the best video shots of my wife and I. Not only that, they made sincere efforts to interact with our family and our relatives.


When we receive the edited videos, to  our pleasant surprise, the DVDs were professional done.All precious moments were captured: From Preparation to Ceremony to the Reception itself.


Spirit of excellence from Christina and team! TWO THUMBS UP!



Ashley & Carl



 Dear Christina,
Sorry for this belated testimonial. Finally got the chance to sit down and pen down our thoughts and feelings after the festive seasons.
Firstly, thank you and your team for doing such a wonderful job in capturing all the priceless moments on our wedding day. We really enjoyed the whole video that you made for us espcially the video highlights. The cinematograhpy and the music went together perfectly and all our guests who watched the video gave us their thumbs up. :)


 Your team was extremely helpful in cueing and guiding us throughout the filming process that all of those who were involved in the video had lots of fun filmming it. We could see it from the faces beaming with joy and laughter in the video.

4/25/2015 is a truly memorable day for us and we thank Filmman for documenting it so well.  



Renata & Chris

Hi Hi .... just wanna say a HUGE thank you for covering our wedding on 18th Nov 2013.
It has been really enjoyable event for us and made even more special with yr express highlights shown during our dinner.

George techniques is really unique and you have made us stars for the day .. All our friends and relatives were still talking about our video days after our wedding .. we just enjoy watching the video over and over again .. it made us all so happy.

We will not hesitate to recommend yr services to anyone with an upcoming wedding .

A big thanks again for a job well done 

Appreciate loads


+1( 510 ) 896- 0254   | | Dublin, Fremont, San Francisco, surrounding Bay Area

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