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LIVE STREAM a wedding

You can still have your dream wedding!


Have you always dreamed of a big wedding surrounded by all your family and friends? You still can... with a little creativity!


While not all your guests will be able to be present in person when you tie the knot, they can still be a part of your special day in a meaningful way. These challenging times inspire innovation, like new, cutting edge Live Streaming technology that allows your loved ones to share the experience with you.


Introducing FilmmanLIVE! Our professional and creative staff allows your family and friends to share your wedding day through multiple streaming platforms, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other streaming ScriptLine.


FilmmanLIVE! offers multiangle instantaneous cut coverage, streamed live to the platform of your choice, allowing immediate and constant viewing of your event. Using a live editor, we are able to transition from camera to camera straight to the web, allowing for the most creative and enjoyable coverage of your wedding, and in high resolution!


DISCLAIMER : Streaming quality may be subject to limitations of the connection. Venues will be subject to inspection prior to the event to ensure stream speed is viable and to determine service quality. 


Share your special day with the creativity and storytelling power of FilmmanLIVE!


Please contact us for more information.

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