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The last 2 weddings in year 2020.

Reviews from Moira & Andres on Jan 11, 2021

There is a reason FilmmanVideo has a perfect 5 star rating - they are absolutely AMAZING! They will meet and exceed your expectations. I never thought to get a videographer for our wedding, but FilmmanVideo was the videographer for my sister's wedding and after I saw her highlight video I immediately reached out to hire them. Christina and George are exactly who you want to film your wedding. Not only do they work together, but they are happily married! They are very personable, sweet and caring. They notice the smallest details, capturing everything and each clip of the video leaves you wowed.

Christina is the main contact when you schedule, and she is extremely responsive. I found myself emailing her at midnight so I wouldn't forget to tell her something, and to my surprise she would email right back. Every correspondence with her was extremely friendly and professional. Our wedding was originally scheduled for Summer of 2020, but with the pandemic we had to postpone. Christina was very understanding and let me know that we could move our deposit over once we decide a new date, should they be available. We finally set a date and luckily they were available.

They arrived early on the wedding day and even though we were running behind with getting ready (my fault not theirs), they never made us feel rushed. They also wore masks the entire time, I believe they even double masked to be extra safe. They really find a way to blend into the background, because when I watched the videos I didn't even realize they were in the room capturing those moments. We also had a separate photographer, and they worked great with that team. I am extremely camera shy but they really made me feel comfortable.

Their highlight videos are truly their selling point. The turn your day into a short film, worthy of all the awards they have won. I do have to say, if you want those great shots - you're going to have to work for them! I had to walk down a steep dirt hill in 7 inch stilettoes, we had good laughs about the ordeal and George insisted it would be worth it to see the shots. It definitely was worth it! They will also put in work and get down and dirty to ensure they capture the moment. They laid down on the floor, got in the bushes, and ran down the hill. They find a way to comfortably push you out of your comfort zone. It was so much fun shooting with them!

The raw edited footage of your entire day is broken up into different portions. Ours were the getting ready, ceremony, and first dance (we didn't have a reception). This was great because I liked that we could watch the different parts of the day. Christina let me know the USB was on the way, she sent a copy of the tracking. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it, thinking it would be a regular USB, but instead it was a USB in a beautiful wood case.

I also have to add that once the event was over and everyone was ready to leave, Christina rushed to find me & my husband. Mind you, they were already packed up and ready to leave. She told me the sun was setting and it would make a beautiful shot, so we headed outside and she unpacked everything to capture the moment. The video clip was absolutely gorgeous!

I highly recommend hiring them. Everything about them is perfection! Their videos, personalities and professionalism truly make your wedding day feel even more special. I can't wait for the pandemic to be over so we can have our vow renewal & full reception and hire them again!


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